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Ballistic Armor

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We believe that in these turbulent times every-day citizens need armor now more than ever. We endeavor to provide the most affordable armor on the market so that everyone can have the protection that they need. While others say there is no price to put on your life we realize that many cannot afford to spend thousands of dollars on armor and we hope that by selling affordable armor it might be there when you actually need it. 



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If you have any comments, questions or concerns do not hesitate to get in contact with us. We will respond to every message as quickly as we can and we promise that we will get back to you within one business day. We understand that due to the nature of our products you might require assistance at any time, therefore feel free to contact us at anytime of day any day of the week and we will do our best to resolve the issue the best that we can. 



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At Mastodon Armor, we offer high-quality ballistic body armor that can be used by civil police, military officers, as well as civilians. As a reliable body armor company, we guarantee you the best performing ballistic plates and helmets at highly competitive prices. All our products are made of high-quality materials to ensure superior protection. Our bullet-resistance and stab protective armor plates are designed to protect you against all threat levels. Moreover, all our products meet the local and international body armor standards and are regularly tested in accredited ballistic laboratories. Our ballistic body armors are not only bullet-proof but also have been engineered to protect against fragments and shrapnel that can be fatal. We provide top-notch quality tactical gear that has a high level of shock and impact absorption capabilities.

The days when body armor was used solely by law enforcement agencies, para-military forces, and federal agencies are long gone. With the accelerating crime rate, body armors have become a need of civilians also. From media personnel to hunting enthusiasts, now body armor is demanded by a wide range of customers. At Mastodon Armor, we aim to make superior protection accessible and affordable for everyone. All our products are reasonably priced but don’t confuse our low price with inferior quality. We offer factory direct pricing and all our products meet the quality standard. Our ballistic plates and helmets are one of the highest performing ranges of ballistic products in the market. Our ballistic armors are lightweight and ergonomically designed to be comfortable for long-time wear- preventing fatigue and inconvenience. To make body armor plates affordable for you, we have ballistic armor plates for sale.


Ballistic Armor at Best Rates!

Ballistic armors, also known as bullet-proof vests are designed to absorb the impact of bullets. We offer a wide range of products that help reduce or stop potential body penetration from bullets and shrapnel from explosions. Our products are made of the best available material to protect against rifle rounds. Our soft ballistic side inserts and plates are comfortable and protect small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles. These products are a combination of lightweight, high protection, and affordable prices. You can easily wear ballistic vests comfortably under a shirt or jacket or overtly over the clothing.

We are the first choice of civilians, as well as security professionals for ballistic armor plates and helmets. Whether you need level 3 body armor plates or ballistic armor plate level 4, we have the perfect product to suit your specific needs. We provide level IV ballistic armor plates that can minimize risks and give you confidence while performing your duty. Our level 4 ceramic armor plates give freedom and protection at competitive rates. We use advanced materials, the latest technologies, and superior manufacturing processes to offer high-performance armor inserts with multi-hit capabilities. We have level 3 body armor plates for sale that are the best and most advanced solutions in the market. Whether you need ceramic armor plates level 3 or any other ballistic body armor plates, we are here to meet all your needs.

High-Quality, Affordable Body Armor

Mastodon Armor is renowned for the quality and reasonable price of ballistic body armor. We aim to safeguard lives by increasing protection and reducing risk. Our products are not only robust and light-weight but also competitively priced. We are dedicated to delivering high-level ballistics protection without burning a hole in your pocket. Our products are trusted by a wide range of customers- from law enforcement agencies to civilians. Whether you need protection against bullets or other shrapnel, we have a range of products to suit your needs and budget. Our products are designed to provide maximum protection, as well as superior comfort and mobility. Our high-quality, light-weight, and thin bullet-resistant vests and helmets do not restrict mobility.

Mastodon Armor offers a wide range of products to suit the varied needs of the customers and ever-changing industry specifications. Our ballistic tactical gear and vests can be used by police, military, and security professionals. We value our clients and strive to provide you with the highest level of service possible. If you’re unable to choose the right product, our highly trained staff is always ready to assist you and provide answers to any questions on body armor that you may have. We make sure you find the most suitable protection levels and correct size to maximize your protection.

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