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Affordable Tactical Equipment

Affordable Body Armor

Affordable Armor

  When You Need Protection, Buy Body Armor from AI Tactical Solutions

Are you looking for affordable tactical equipment? If you are, then you have come to the right place at AI Tactical Solutions. We offer affordable body armor to our clients, so that they can feel protected while they’re working or using dangerous weaponry. Is there a particular style of affordable body armor that you’re looking for? We have affordable armor such as pairs of aluminum oxide ceramic ballistic side plates, ceramic side pouches, ASPIS tactical plate carriers, ASPIS SIMPLEX tactical plate carriers and more. We know that your job can be dangerous, which is why we do our best to bring you the highest quality affordable armor possible.


One of the options we have available is the FAST helmet, plate carrier and ballistic plates package, which lets you customize which pieces you receive. We also offer a plate carrier and ballistic plates package and a build-your-own set package with plates, a helmet and plate carriers.


With different levels of tactical gear, you can protect yourself against different calibers of bullets as well as from debris and shrapnel. We have items ranging from Level III to Level IV, giving you the protection you need. We offer various kinds of ballistic plates including silicon carbide ceramic ballistic plates, aluminum oxide ceramic ballistic plates and steel ballistic plates. We also have a unique urban survival pack that is the first rifle-rated backpack in the world. This is the only backpack that can stop a rifle bullet. Our backpack is built to NIJ Level III specifications, keeping you safe from bullets that could impact you from behind. It has a steel plate that is only 11 pounds, so it’s manageable to carry, too. On our website, you can check out our low profile plate carrier (TARGE) and see how cleverly it’s designed with a removable front panel with M.O.L.L.E. for attaching additional pouches. It has an elastic cummerbund and is adjustable, so it fits you comfortably.


At AI Tactical Solutions, we are focused on bringing you inexpensive products, so that you can protect yourself. Whether you’re working in the military or are a civilian, we are working tirelessly to provide you with the highest-quality goods for your money. We ship to both America and Canada, so long as these items are allowed in your area. If you would like to stop by our showroom, simply call us ahead of time to schedule an appointment. You can reach out to us to ask questions or seek a specific item by calling (647) 835-5271. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the right tactical gear for your lifestyle.

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