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  Get the Ballistic Vest, Plates or Helmet You Need from AI Tactical Solutions

The right ballistic vest is a protection against debris, explosions, shrapnel and bullets. While a ballistic vest can’t protect against everything, it certainly helps prevent injuries in a number of circumstances. That’s why we at AI Tactical Solutions work hard to provide you with options when it comes to ballistic plates, ballistic helmets and ballistic vests that you can purchase through us online. We believe that everyone should have the right to have these items and to protect themselves. We also want to make sure that you are able to afford these protective ballistic plates, ballistic vests and any helmet that you need to prevent injury.


At our showroom in Markham, we have everything that is on our website, including ballistic helmet styles, and more. You can come to our showroom to try on a ballistic helmet and other items before you buy them or to test out some of our products and see if they’re right for you. We know that it can be hard to purchase these kinds of items online, because it’s hard to gauge their quality. That’s why we welcome you to stop in and see us. We would love to help you take a look at everything we sell. All we need you to do is to call us before hand at (647) 835-5271, so that we can set up an appointment. Then, our helpful team will be there to meet you at the showroom and to help you purchase the tactical equipment that you need.


Would you like to learn more about our tactical items? We have a helpful chat service online, so you can talk with us as you’re browsing ballistic vast, plate or helmet options. We are always here to help and welcome you to call us if you have questions or if you’re looking for a specific item to purchase. We also have a mailing list, so you can sign up and never miss an update. Whether we get in a new product line or have a major sale, you’ll want to receive our mail.


We believe that it is our responsibility to make armor affordable in Canada and beyond. We ship anywhere in North America, so long as our items are legal in your area. You must be over 18 to purchase most tactical items, so please be prepared with your identification. We look forward to working with you and helping you find the equipment that you need to protect yourself, whether you’re looking to carry a ballistic backpack or want to have side panels added to your current equipment. Contact us today for help, or simply place your order online and choose the shipping options that suit you.

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