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Buy Bulletproof Products with AI Tactical Solutions in Markham, ON, Canada

When you’re working as a police officer or other person who could be shot at or face danger from debris or explosions, it’s important that you have the bulletproof gear that you need. As our customer, we want you to find the bulletproof vest, bulletproof backpack and other bulletproof products that keep you safe. On our website, we carry ballistic items that can help repel bullets. Of course, it’s important to mention that not all bulletproof vests, backpacks or products are completely bulletproof, but they are designed to slow bullets and give you a better chance of walking away unharmed.


On our website, you can click through to our ballistic armor page, where you can see all the different kinds of bulletproof vest options we currently have available. Some current items for sale include a low profile plate carrier (TARGE), FAST helmets, urban survival packs with bullet-resistant backpacks, silicone carbide plates, aluminum oxide ceramic plates, UHMWPE ballistic plates (Level III) and others. We know that getting the right gear is important to your safety, which is why we carry so many items that can help you avoid injury. We sell side plate pouches, tactical plate carriers and more, so that you have the military or police gear you need at all times.


At AI Tactical Solutions, we work hard to make sure you have access to products that are of the highest quality at an affordable price. If you have any questions about our products, like our bulletproof backpack, want to order products you don’t see on our website or would like to come visit us at our facility, please reach out to us online through our chat, through our contact form or by calling us at (647) 835-5271. We have a showroom that we would be happy to walk you through if you are interested, but we only do so by appointment. Please call us if you are interested in coming to see us.


We also offer support for dealer programs. If you’re interested in carrying our bulletproof products, then email us to tell us about which of the products you’d like to carry and which organization you are from. We work through each application independently, so that we can create a dealer agreement that is perfect for our clients. Whether you’re an individual setting up a shop or a large firm looking to sell products, we’re here to help and look forward to working with you.


Anywhere in North America, you can possess these items as civilians or as members of the military or police forces. Reach out to us if you have any questions about our products and if we can ship them to you at your location.

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