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Kevlar Vest

Choose the Strongest Tactical Gear and Kevlar Vest at AI Tactical Solutions in Canada

A good Kevlar vest protects you from debris, shrapnel, bullets and more. Everyone working on a police force or in the military should have a vest to protect them. With our ballistic vest collection, you can get the exact kevlar vest that you need to protect yourself. At AI Tactical Solutions, we offer a number of products that keep your chest, head, and sides safe. When you place your order, you can choose your helmet size and the style of items you’d like in your shipment. We would love to send you our products; We are making armor affordable for people in the United States and Canada. Visit our showroom in Markham, ON, by appointment if you’re interested in seeing our products before buying. Call (641) 835-5271 to set up a showing with one of our experienced team members today.

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