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Body Armor Miami

Mastodon Armor is the leading source of premium quality body armor in Miami. Whether you’re a security guard or a hunting enthusiast, we have a wide range of protective gear to keep you safe. Our body armor plates in Miami are trusted by security personnel, as well as civilians.  Whether you live in a dangerous area, planning to visit a shooting range, or taking a trip to hunt, we make sure you find a product that suits your specific needs. We have developed a vast selection of body armor by considering all your protection needs. Whether you need a knife-proof vest and bulletproof vest or concealable body armor in Miami, we make sure you get the right protective gear. Our ballistic body armor meets or exceed industry standard and can withstand possible external threats. We offer AR500 body armor in Miami that is manufactured using the latest techniques.

As compared to others, we strive to make body armor affordable and accessible for everyone. Our ballistic vests and body armors are not only robust but also reasonably priced. From armor plates to helmets, we make sure your critical body parts get the highest level of protection. The ballistic armor we provide can be used by police officers, military personnel, law enforcement officials, as well as civilians. We offer level-3 body armor in Miami that provides protection against ammunition like handguns, rifles, or automatic guns. Our products are designed not only to provide the best possible protection but also to ensure your comfort. If you need comfortable and discreet protection, consider our concealable body armor in Miami. Depending on your size and threat requirements, we can also develop a customized solution that suits your security needs.


Soft & Hard Body Armor Miami

At Mastodon Armor, we aim to provide you highest protection and best possible comfort. Our products are a perfect combination of protection, low weight, and comfort. We utilize the finest material and advanced engineering to provide you efficient, lightweight, robust, and comfortable body armor. So, if you’re looking for concealable body armor in Miami, look no further! Our ballistic vests and armor plates can be used for long wear and provide ballistic and stab protection. We also provide the highest quality hard armor and AR500 body armor in Miami that has an excellent bullet or stab stopping power.

To make body armor easily accessible, we have an easy-to-use website. You can easily choose the armor and buy level-III body armor in Miami. All the products listed on our website are rigorously tested in certified laboratories, as well as in the field. If you’re unable to choose the right product, we have a team of experts to help you evaluate your security needs and choose the right product accordingly. We keep expanding our product range to make hard and concealable body armor easily available.  Our AR500 body armor and ballistic armor plates are available for multi-threat applications and are designed to meet the specific needs of the wearer. When choosing between non-plated armor (soft body armor) and plate-reinforced armor (hard body armor), we make sure to carefully evaluate your needs to make the right choice.

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