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Outdoor Clothing

Get the Best Outdoor Clothing for the Weather in Canada or the U.S. at AI Tactical Solutions

The right outdoor clothing makes a difference when you’re exposed to the elements. Don’t settle for less than the best. At AI Tactical Solutions, we’re ready to help with a selection of outdoor gear that can keep you warm, dry, or cool, depending on the circumstances. Our outdoor apparel includes Gorka suits and paratrooper smocks and pants. We have the Gorka 4, 3 and 2 suits as well as suspenders for gorkas to keep them in place. When you buy from us, you can purchase based on your uniform size, making it easy to choose the right product. We often carry variations in color, too, so you can get the exact coloration that you need. To keep your suit in place, try out suspenders for gorkas, which keep outdoor clothing from sagging. Suspenders designed for gorka suits have two elastic straps that overlap in the back and attach via buttons and hooks to your belt.

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