Silicon Carbide Lightweight Ceramic Ballistic Plate Level IV

Silicon Carbide Lightweight Ceramic Ballistic Plate Level IV



For a standard carrier you will need two plates. 


Silicon Carbide Level 4 Ballistic plates are our lightweight level 4 option. These plates are rated to stop up to .30-06 Armor Piercing rounds. These plates are constructed of a multilayer matrix composed of silicon carbide tiles and an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene backing plate. These plates produce practically no spall as the ceramic tiles shatter the bullet and the UHMWPE backing plate catches all the fragments. If you are looking for level 4 armor but are concerned about weight these are the plates for you. In comparison to the Aluminum Oxide level 4 plates these plates are around 0.6lbs lighter sitting at around 5.3lbs per plate. All our ceramic plates are single curve, shooters cut, and multi-hit rated. The reason for the multi hit rating is that instead of a monolithic piece of ceramic our plates are constructed in a tile configuration so that the tiles around the on impacted remain intact even when the one struck has been shattered. This leads to the rest of the plate maintaining its integrity. These plates are 22mm thick and are 10x12" which will fit any carrier designed for a 10x12 or a SAPI Medium.



 Silicon Carbide 
 Size  10"x12"
 Color  Black
 Unit weight  5.3lbs 
 Protective area  0.075m2
 Thickness  16-20mm
 Ballistic Level  NIJ IV


Based on our testing we have found that these plates are of a tiled construction. Also even when we struck near the edge we found that there was no spalling at all, and the plate managed to catch all the fragments.


*Image 3 shows the impact of a .30-06.

*Image 4 shows the backface deformation from the .30-06 impact. The deformation was 11mm. 



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